Elf Bar Vape Ads Get the Boot for Misleading ‘Green’ Recycling Claims

Elf Bar vape. So, Elf Bar, the vaping company, got slapped with a ban for running ads with the tagline “recycling for a greener future.” Turns out, it was kind of misleading since throwing away vapes is a big cause of plastic pollution. Material Focus found that a whopping 260 million disposable vapes ended up in the trash in the UK in 2022.

Misleading Message

The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) wasn’t having it. They said the Elf Bar ad made it seem like recycling vapes was a breeze, but it’s not that simple. You can’t just toss them in your regular recycling bin at home. Nope, these vapes need to go to special places like council-run waste centers.

The ads were all over London on buses and digital billboards, showing off the Elf Bar 600 V2 vape with lines like “recycling for a greener future” and “green awareness.” People, like Adfree Cities, had issues with these claims and complained to the ASA.

Environmental Alarm Bells

Disposable vapes are causing a real mess for the environment. Scotland is thinking about banning these one-time-use products altogether. Meanwhile, the UK government is chatting about banning certain ways vape products get marketed, especially to young people.

ASA Steps In

The ASA put its foot down, telling Elf Bar to stop running these ads and warned against future campaigns that might mislead folks about the environmental impact of their products.

James Ward from Adfree Cities isn’t holding back. He’s calling for a complete ban on nicotine vape ads. To him, just like cigarettes mess up our bodies, disposable vapes are leaving a nasty trail of plastic and harmful battery metals in our environment.

ASA’s Callout

In its ruling, the ASA found the ad broke eight rules, including misleading advertising and making claims without solid proof. They also pointed out that the ad made it seem like Elf Bar’s vapes were super recyclable when other similar products had the same rules.

The ASA said, “Hey, we get it, Elf Bar wanted to encourage recycling, but the ad made it seem like their vapes could be recycled in lots of places, even at home, which just wasn’t true. So, yeah, misleading.”

Elf Bar’s Response

Elf Bar took it on the chin, respecting the ASA’s decision. They promised to be stricter with their ads and marketing, saying they’ve got a recycling plan called GreenAwareness. They’re working on making their vapes easier to recycle and aiming for a closed-loop recycling system by 2025. They’re all about following the ASA’s rules now.

In a Nutshell

So, Elf Bar’s ad got the boot for hyping up how easily their vapes could be recycled. Turns out, it wasn’t as simple as they made it seem. With the ASA cracking down and folks pushing for stricter rules, let’s hope companies like Elf Bar really step up their green game without misleading us with their ads.